Delivery Charges

If you are unable to pick up product at our location, we would be more than happy to deliver it to you.  We usually can deliver the product within 24-48 hours.

0 - 2.5 miles = $25.00
2.5-5 miles = $35.00
5-7.5 miles = $40.00
7.5-10 miles = $50.00
10+ miles = $50.00 plus $2.00 extra per mile

*Charges based on use of dumptruck, up to 12 scoops. Additional delivery options available. Different rates may apply.


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Mulch Prices

Triple Shredded Premium Red Oak (brown) :  $32/scoop
Dyed Appalachian Brown - Triple Shredded Oak :  $35/scoop
Dyed Midnight Black - Triple Shredded Oak : $35/scoop